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We are consistently rated the best gutter cleaner in Florida by our many loyal clients. Check out our top-rated reviews on google, Yelp, Angi & Facebook!

We Guarantee that we will get your gutters and your downspouts unblocked or your Money back. We Clean residential gutters in Florida and cleaning Commercial Gutters in Florida to your 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Our Guttering Service

With Ken’s Gutters you can be sure that you receive the best service at a fair price - our promise to you.

  • Free estimates by phone
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Properly trained technicians that respect you and your home
  • Safe online payments
  • Only pay when the work is complete
  • We provide before and after pictures of our work so that you can see exactly what was done
  • We carry Liability insurance
  • You will be 100% satisfied or you don’t have to pay
  • No need to be at home for service
  • Downspouts cleared or your money back
  • Debris and twigs removed from roofs if safe to walk on
  • Written 45-day guarantee for all work
  • No quibble guarantee

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Our Coverage

We Clean gutters across the state with our large network of technicians, we have technicians based throughout the state of Florida

We work in smaller cities and neighbourhoods as well

We are proud of the work we do and strive to deliver the best and safest service to all of our clients.

Florida’s best rated gutter cleaning company

Our reviews speak for themselves, we are fully insured, full time, professional year-round gutter cleaners, our feedback speaks for itself and our customers love us, read some of our many reviews here

Emmy R 5 ★
Gutter Cleaning

He did a great job of cleaning out our gutters. On time, professional, price as quoted. No hard sell or bait and switch. Just honest, good, hard work at a very reasonable price! I know I'm not getting up on my roof!

Jonathan D 5 ★
Gutter Cleaning & Minor Repairs

I have used Ken's twice now. I am so happy with the job they do. I have a lot of leaves in my gutters and didn't realise how often the filled up. Ken's organised to come out quickly and professionally took care of it. I will use again.

See our Google reviews here

Other Services

The best way to maintain your gutters in the best condition is to have them cleaned often by a professional, this will stock blockages in your downspouts

Minor Gutter Repairs

We sometimes carry out minor repairs when needed. Common repairs to gutters are:

Leaking gutters

If a gutter is not cleaned and becomes blocked it will fill with water, water is heavy, gutters are not designed to hold water, they are designed to have water flow through them, a 50 ft section of gutter will weigh about 20 pounds, full of water, it can weigh 200 pounds, this weight can pull the gutter away from its mountings and bend the fragile and often thin aluminium gutter. Once bent it can warp and no longer run downhill to the down spout, causing it to become fuller for longer and continuing to become worse

Leaking external corners

Often caused by sealant that cracked or become loose, this can be fixed by removing the sealant that has failed, cleaning the area back to bare metal and applying a fresh layer of new waterproof flexible sealant.

Leaking downspouts

Downspouts can come loose, often from being knocked or storm damage, these loose downspouts can be fixed by screwing in new anchors or refixing loose fittings.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on many things, what style of gutters do you have? Are they full of leaves? Is there weeds growing in the gutters? When were they last cleaned? How high is the roof? Can we access the gutters from the roof safely? Will we need to use special access equipment?

The cost of having gutters professionaly cleaned in Florida starts from $149 including tax.

Included in this price is total piece of mind that a reputable company will be attending your home, the technicians we employ are well paid and take great pride in what they do, they work safely and cleanly.

Larger homes will cost more, houses with gutters on tiled roofs tend to cost more as well, the reason for this is that roofs with tiles or other fragile surfaces mostly need to be accessed very carefully - the roofs are not always suitable for walking on.

If you are lucky, your house may be shaded with trees, this natural air conditioning comes at a cost = frequent gutter cleaning!

  • We clean and clear all gutters and downspouts
  • We clear the roof of leaves and debris
  • All downspouts checked for clogs, cleared and tested
  • All leaves and debris bagged up and left for city collection at the location you specify
  • Debris can be left in natural area of garden or yard if desired
  • We always take and provide full before and after photographs to ensure your peace of mind that the work was done to the high standards you would expect of a quality company

We provide accurate prices over the phone using satellite images of your property, this has proven extremely accurate and we guarantee to stick to the prices you are quoted.

Over the phone pricing means you can have a price for the cleaning any time and you do not need to wait in for an appointment to have your gutters cleaned.

Accurate over the phone pricing using satellite imagery from google, Bing and other mapping services ensures that our bid process is efficient and cost effective, this saving is passed directly to you the customer.

Gutter Cleaner Service Florida

Your gutters are your homes first defence against flooding, they do an important job of diverting the water from your roof and away from the walls and foundation of your house

They protect flower beds, paths and landscaping, during heavy rain, your downspouts can move up to 10 tons of water per hour - that’s about 3000 gallons, working correctly this water will end up in run off and drains, with blocked downspouts, and over full gutters this water will back up and pour down the walls of your house, possibly into your home, or down your walls causing flooding in flower beds, undermining paths, eroding landscaping, or at the very worst entering your home.

Regular scheduled gutter cleaning as part of our service plan is the best way to protect your home year-round, we visit our service plan clients between 2 and 4 times a year depending on the type of roofs and gutters you have, the type of roof, how many and what types of trees you have surrounding your home.

The correct answer is = Often!

Leaves in fall, pollen in spring, heavy rains in summer, and hurricane season, makes gutter cleaning a year-round activity in the state, even if you are not directly under trees the wind will often fill your gutters with your neighbours’ trees!

It is easy for us to calculate the number of cleans your home will need, and we can always vary this to suit your particular home. Our expert dispatchers will assess your home based on a number of factors that will influence how often the work needs done.

Our service plans can also be flexible to suit your exact needs and requirements, once we have completed our first clean, we will share the photographic survey with you and give you our expert opinion on how often your gutters will need to be cleaned.

We take photos after every clean - which we always share with you, giving you full transparency of what we are removing from each clean and ensuring that the schedule you set is right for you and your home

Cheap gutter cleaning companies often do not carry the correct insurance to work at height on your roof or your gutters.

The legal liability of having gutter cleaners on and around your home, performing work at height that is dangerous is unwise, if they are not correctly insured and covered with workers comp insurance or Liability insurance, as the home owner you are likely to be held responsible for any falls or accidents.

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous if not done correctly, your lawn guy may well be able to do the gutter cleaning cheaper but they are unlikely to carry the correct insurance, equipment and training of a full-time professional year-round gutter cleaner

Our Process

Firstly, when you call us, you will be connected with one of our locally based despatchers, our gutter cleaning despatchers have years of experience in the business and provide expert help and assistance.

We will assess your home using satellite imagery and having a brief discussion with you on the condition of the gutters and when they were last cleaned.

Using this information, we will give you a fixed price bill for cleaning your gutters and clearing your downspouts, and if possible, also cleaning the leaves and debris from your roof.

You will receive a copy of this bid and full documentation by email right after the call, this confirms exactly what we will do, when we will do it, and how much it will cost

Our scheduling team who has the responsibility to ensure all of our jobs are done promptly, they are in charge of working out the best routes for our gutter cleaners so that they can attend the jobs in the most time and distance efficient route, saving gas and time driving allows us to give you the best value, they will call you 24 hours before your job is due to start and they will give you an arrival window for our tech to attend.

Rest assured if this changes for any reason you will be told before time, saving you from waiting for us, although many of our jobs are done when the client is not home

The cleaner will always introduce himself to you on arrival, and if you have time, we will walk around the property with you and you can point out any trouble spots

Before we start, we take photographs of all major areas we will be working in

We start with the roof, cleaning it down of leaves, debris and shingle grit, we use a blower to do this, and also use scoops to pick up big bundles of leaves.

With the roof clean and clear, we move to the gutter, removing leaves and debris with trowels and scooping tools, we bag up all of this debris as we clear it, we don’t leave it on your roof or throw it to the ground below - we work to the highest standards of cleanliness

With the gutters all clear we move to the downspouts, checking that they are free and clear of obstructions, we carry tools and special equipment to clear any blockages that may be there, we can also detect blockages that may not be obvious at first look.

Once complete we take photos of our finished work and share these with you by email.

We also issue our receipts and invoices by email and you may choose to pay us by cheque, bank transfer, cash, or payment link in secure email, - you may also pay by credit card over the phone if you prefer

We call all of our customers after the work has been completed to ensure that the job was done to the high standards expected of us

Because we are perfectionists and carry out our cleaning to exacting standards, we are comfortable giving a 45 day no clog guarantee.

Should our work not meet and exceed your expectations, we will attend your property to remedy the problem with no fuss.

Environmentally Friendly

To give our clients a better customer experience We have invested in environmentally friendly electric leaf blowers, these state-of-the-art high powered blowers are used to blow leaves off your roof, electric blowers are much more expensive than traditional 2 stroke gas leaf blowers but they have many advantages for the gutter cleaning customers.

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